Freight Forwarding

  • We are a corporate member of the Federation of Freight Forwarders Association of India (FFFAI).
  • Freight Forwarding involves move of cargoes from ship to customer’s destination and customer’s destination to loading into ships.
  • Our company is well equipped to carry out all these cargo operations with effective technical support.
  • A freight forwarding company arranges and tracks the transportation of the goods you manufacture or sell. That may seem simple enough, but there are many components to this highly complex operation. So, let’s dig in.
  • A freight forwarding firm is also referred to as a non-vessel operating common carrier or NVOCC. Yikes! What a mouthful. Let’s stick with freight forwarder, OK? A freight forwarder specializes in arranging the import and export of goods — covering all aspects of that process from the moment the product leaves the manufacturing site until it is safely in the hands of the wholesaler or end consumer. This can include arranging for the storage of your merchandise between the different legs of shipment. It always involves tracking the transportation process; expediting and checking all the necessary import and export documentation; negotiating shipping fees; procuring cargo insurance when needed; and booking cargo space on trucks, trains, planes and ships.
  • Other services that freight forwarding companies offer include providing the necessary air waybills or bills of lading, fee collection services, arranging fumigation and/or quality inspections, and consolidating and deconsolidating freight shipments to minimize costs while maximizing efficiencies.
  • The logistics of handling freight can be complicated by the nature of the product. Is it time- sensitive? Perishable, perhaps? Does it need special packaging or handling? The professional freight forwarder weighs all of these variables when designing and executing the best, most cost-effective shipping plan — one that ensures the product arrives in a timely manner and in pristine condition.